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August 29, 2019 00:21:01
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Making waves: Why we need heroes, with Satish Kumar

In the first episode of our second series of Resurgence Voices, Satish describes how heroes have influenced his own journey. His 8,000-mile walk for peace in the 1960s started from the grave of Mahatma Gandhi and took him to Atlanta Georgia, where he met Martin Luther King. But the heroes of today have a very different challenge to face. “I think the next revolution will be led by a younger person, by a woman, and I feel that Greta Thunberg is that person,” Satish says. “I think that some kind of divine power but also some kind of unseen, unimaginable, unexplainable force is working through her.” What does Greta think of that? Amid a scrum of journalists at the Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, I get a chance to ask her. ...



April 05, 2019 00:23:59
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Extinction Rebellion: Forging identities through collective action

Ahead of the April 15 International Rebellion week, we speak to Mothiur Rahman, XR strategist and trained lawyer, about how the climate crisis is challenging neoliberalism through collective action. We talk about the need for 'vulnerable honesty', and he reads a very moving poem about breaking down the concept of identity. This episode includes music by singer-songwriter and founder of the Birth Strike movement Blythe Pepino @blythepepino Watch out for Mothiur's keynotes article in the May/June issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. ...



April 04, 2019 00:22:22
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Regeneration of lives and the land in the Cairngorms

We speak to self-described 'circle builder' Laurel Foreman at Wark Farm in the foothills of the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. We talk about how regenerative farming restores balance in the land and Laurel shares how the farm provides "a safe space" for people going through troubled times. You can read more from Laurel in the March/April issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. ...



December 19, 2018 00:11:31
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Football, fracking and staying positive: a chat with Ecotricity founder Dale Vince

For this episode I speak to Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity. Ecotricity is described as Britain's 'greenest energy company', supplying over 200,000 homes across the UK from a growing fleet of wind and sun parks. We talk about fracking, green gas and the story behind the world's first vegan football team. You can read more from our interview in the January/February edition of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. ...



November 28, 2018 00:21:15
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Eco-mobile homes and whisky barrels: we step inside Findhorn's eco-houses

Eco-mobile homes and houses made out of whisky barrels, listen in as we pay a visit to Findhorn spiritual community in northern Scotland. The Findhorn Foundation is an educational charity at the heart of the Findhorn Community which runs courses and workshops. Graham Meltzer and Craig Gibsone both work at the foundation. In 2019 Graham is holding the Easter conference. This year's theme is Climate Change and Consciousness. Craig is holding a workshop on Applied Ecovillage Living ...



August 09, 2018 00:30:08
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The ecologist using storytelling to reconnect people with nature

We talk to Lisa Schneidau, author of Botanical Folk Tales, a new book which seeks to reconnect people with the joy, wonder and horror of nature. ...